Biwi ya steel?

Alright ,so 3 ads caught my attention this week.Tata Steel ,Idea and Archies.

Tata Steel -Values stronger than Steel                                                                                                                      Ad Agency:Ogilvy

Well,to start off,I really like the tagline ‘This is not advertising’.Said in a subtle way,it manages to convince me,that it really is not. Having  Bachendri Pal also makes it look real. Though not catchy,it manages to stand out from the other ads.The Catchphrase ‘Values Stronger than Steel’  works well to keep the trust going.

Idea-Biwi se 3G
Ad Agency:Lowe Lintas

Honestly I have never really liked the ‘Idea’ ads.I mean the advertisement always seems to be in a  ‘Work-In-Progress’ mode,sort of unfinished.Abhishek doesn’t make it easier.The Biwi se 3G ad looks cheap to me,rather raunchy.And what is the emphasis -To shift to 3G or Idea 3G?
I mean,anyone can have 3G in their phone,so how does Idea try to stand out?Compared to the Reliance 3G ad,which says ‘Switch to Reliance’ –and  manages to convey the speed of reliance 3G,Idea in no way does so.

Archies-There is friendship in every relationship

It looks so simple and yet it just stands out. With the ‘Yeh Dosti’ soundtrack, and showing related people singing on a scooter,it makes you wonder what its all about.Then when the tagline reads on the screen,you say ‘Hey ,not a bad ad!’


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