A Gender Neutral Future


As human beings, we are hard-wired to complete tasks at the last minute. We love drama and nail-biting finishes. So much so that gender inequality doesn’t matter for now. We’ll get back to it later. That woman you just saw sobbing? She can wait, she isn’t going anywhere. You just stole your colleague’s promotion? It’s fine, she’s getting married anyway.

We delay justice. We pity and forget. We let it go.

So what’s the urgency about? What is it that will change us instantly?

No urgency. Just consequences of not accepting it now. Rapes, domestic violence, workplace discrimination, female foeticide and the list goes on. For now, women are mad at everyone. Their colleagues, bosses, husbands, actors, directors, courts, the khap panchayat and just about everyone. The reasons are obvious.

Now think of a world where gender doesn’t matter and the question of equality doesn’t EXIST and not arise. Something that we hope to achieve in the near future? Would it make a woman mad? Let’s find that out.

Presenting the future of our belief. Gender neutral news.

For a woman

You are out on your own at 4 am. No cheap thrills. Nothing happens.

  • You get equal pay.
  • Nobody forces you to get married.
  • Culture and logic are friends now. No name changes required after marriage. No need to move to your husband’s house. Work it out the way you want.

            Indian Television

  • A man makes breakfast for his wife before she’s off to work. She’s a manager at her company and he is a teacher at a school.
  • The protagonist is wearing what she wants. She’s travelling to work and no one stares at her. She need not be rescued.
  • A woman is 34 and unmarried. She is not frowned upon by society.
  • Family celebrates the birth of a CHILD.

News from around the globe

  • Maria Sharapova wins the fight against unequal pay.
  • Kesha is out of her misery. Courts suspend the contract with her alleged sexual assaulter.
  • Chanda Kochar goes from being the most powerful woman in business to being the most powerful person in business.Anything odd? Or vague? Does it fail to justify the use of “gender neutral” above? It doesn’t.

A woman living in this world would be a woman at peace. She would be safe and feel safe. Her work would speak for itself. Freedom would be handy. Respect would be given and received. Justice would be priority. Power would exchange hands irrespective of gender.
As for our men, they would have no problems whatsoever.

To conclude, women aren’t weak. They aren’t fragile and need not be “handled with care”. They just demand what they deserve and have rights to. Change now and act now. Only then can we take off to our gender neutral world.

  1. Congratulations! After reviewing lots of WordPress publications for November, I’m awarding you with this month’s edition of my Gender-Bender Award! https://tiffany267.wordpress.com/2016/11/20/gender-bender-award-gender-neutral-future

    My Gender-Bender Award is an opportunity to celebrate those who challenge and disrupt the gender binary. Thank you for being a part of that 🙂 As an award-winner, you are welcome to use my exclusive Gender-Bender Award graphic on your blog (if you linked back to me, it would be appreciated).

    Please nominate a post for December! You can nominate anything you’ve seen on WordPress, even another post you’ve written yourself.

    Thanks again and congratulations!

    • Hey Tiffany,

      Thank you for the honor. I’m truly humbled that you care about gender equality and glad to see you inspiring others through your blog.

      Thanks again!

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