I Spoke to a Word

I spoke to a word

I expected a miracle

I thought it would change my life

I waited for this word

To act

I prayed everyday

I said “Please, word”

I said “Thank you”

This word became a friend

I talked to word for hours

I was made to believe that

This word listens

Word has ears

I was also told that this word is a “he”

By a man

Which is another word

I lost myself to this word

I got attached

Till one day I realized

We don’t talk anymore

This word was jealous

“He” didn’t like that I made other friends

But I didn’t care

Because I put so much pressure

On this word

To do things

To use power

To save me

When all it could do

Is be

Lifeless and still

Word has it

It was just a word

Waiting to come out

As one






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