Wombs of Fire


And her words crossed the bridges of mayhem

biting those that protest

her victory makes her thump her chest

may her daughter outshine her own blood & flesh

the one she chose to keep within

the one she hid from this barbaric world

only so she could mother the abandoned

who would breathe rings of fire

for your newborns to leap through

you dare call them an orphan Sir

you dare pray for them

Instead call her a witch as she cursed God

who trembled at her sight

a witch a man chose to leave

for he wanted his own “blood & flesh”

who would only grow to be like their father

a timid follower of the holy texts

of the blindfolded God

of what the books read



and the bridges echoed the words she said

and scrolls wrote in permanent ink

“blood & flesh are what fools seek

the wise look for their soul in another”



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