He. left. me.

Three words

Kept repeating in my mind

Till they became it

He left me

My mind soon became hills and mountains

and these words echoed back and forth


Its almost as if they were begging to be finished

Begging to be performed last rites on

Like a harmless ghost seeking help to crossover

But mistaken for a demon

How do you put these words out of misery

He left me

He left me…

He left me and I had to unlearn the process of love starting from my father to my brother to him

He left me and i felt abandoned. again

He left me without a warning just like the day i had to wake up to a funeral, though his leaving was a tad more abrupt

He left me and I was forced to live with myself

A sense of discomfort emerged like ‘who the hell is this person’

I became a stranger to myself

he said he was busy and i felt like a neglected child once again

there are times I try to mimic his mind

the apathy, the ease with which he disappears

the relief he gets with a drag of smoke

but then again he left me with ease

like an  ocean leaves the shore




with ease






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