You Sea

I thought you were a wave

you never stopped

you were  still

Calm like a crisp breeze

it was easy to mistake you for the silent sea

it was easy to feel safe at your shore

loving you was liberating

loving you was like loving the ocean

you said ‘you loved to sit by the sea’ and feel at peace as the waves played their soft melody

I loved watching you unwind as i wondered “How can a sea love a sea?”

i felt an ocean move when i placed my hands on your chest and all i wished was to drown

and i know you call it your favorite place but you must also know that you should perhaps visit yourself someday

and if you choose to be modest and address the winds that roar inside as a short breath you take

you undermine their power

you undermine the vastness that stretches beyond your chest

you silence the waves

because an ocean wants what it wants

to be called an ocean ~~~













































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