I thought you were a wave

you never stopped

you were  still

Calm like a crisp breeze

it was easy to mistake you for the silent sea

it was easy to feel safe at your shore

loving you was liberating

loving you was like loving the ocean

you said ‘you loved to sit by the sea’ and feel at peace as the waves played their soft melody

I loved watching you unwind as i wondered “How can a sea love a sea?”

i felt an ocean move when i placed my hands on your chest and all i wished was to drown

and i know you call it your favorite place but you must also know that you should perhaps visit yourself someday

and if you choose to be modest and address the winds that roar inside as a short breath you take

you undermine their power

you undermine the vastness that stretches beyond your chest

you silence the waves

because an ocean wants what it wants

to be called an ocean ~~~













































He. left. me.

Three words

Kept repeating in my mind

Till they became it

He left me

My mind soon became hills and mountains

and these words echoed back and forth


Its almost as if they were begging to be finished

Begging to be performed last rites on

Like a harmless ghost seeking help to crossover

But mistaken for a demon

How do you put these words out of misery

He left me

He left me…

He left me and I had to unlearn the process of love starting from my father to my brother to him

He left me and i felt abandoned. again

He left me without a warning just like the day i had to wake up to a funeral, though his leaving was a tad more abrupt

He left me and I was forced to live with myself

A sense of discomfort emerged like ‘who the hell is this person’

I became a stranger to myself

he said he was busy and i felt like a neglected child once again

there are times I try to mimic his mind

the apathy, the ease with which he disappears

the relief he gets with a drag of smoke

but then again he left me with ease

like an  ocean leaves the shore




with ease






And her words crossed the bridges of mayhem

biting those that protest

her victory makes her thump her chest

may her daughter outshine her own blood & flesh

the one she chose to keep within

the one she hid from this barbaric world

only so she could mother the abandoned

who would breathe rings of fire

for your newborns to leap through

you dare call them an orphan Sir

you dare pray for them

Instead call her a witch as she cursed God

who trembled at her sight

a witch a man chose to leave

for he wanted his own “blood & flesh”

who would only grow to be like their father

a timid follower of the holy texts

of the blindfolded God

of what the books read



and the bridges echoed the words she said

and scrolls wrote in permanent ink

“blood & flesh are what fools seek

the wise look for their soul in another”


While there are many who left me

with nothing

but the familiarity of their skin

or how hugging them feels

they do not know

that them leaving

only made me stronger

that each leaving became my horcrux

that I thrive on sadness

that sniffing their memories

gives me a high

that these tears that run

are acid

and if you come close

you’ll burn yourself

and that while everyone left

I got busy

trying to learn

the actions of the

people who left


I did the exact opposite

and I rebelled

By staying

I spoke to a word

I expected a miracle

I thought it would change my life

I waited for this word

To act

I prayed everyday

I said “Please, word”

I said “Thank you”

This word became a friend

I talked to word for hours

I was made to believe that

This word listens

Word has ears

I was also told that this word is a “he”

By a man

Which is another word

I lost myself to this word

I got attached

Till one day I realized

We don’t talk anymore

This word was jealous

“He” didn’t like that I made other friends

But I didn’t care

Because I put so much pressure

On this word

To do things

To use power

To save me

When all it could do

Is be

Lifeless and still

Word has it

It was just a word

Waiting to come out

As one






As my soul burnt

its flames engulfed you

keeping you safe in that quiet corner

even though people outside

yelled and screamed

but my flames burnt their hands

without touching you


only to see that you had all the power

to walk right through the fire

and with a gesture as simple as this


my flames froze

for a while

until my soul

with that last spark it had left

lifted the ice

off its chest

and set a goddamn fire

and there were flames all over again


all waiting to burn you

and reduce your audacity

to ashes