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I have been procrastinating a lot lately. But right now, it’s 2:10 am in India and here I am all willing to write a review that I thought of writing a month back. Just so you guys know, I love ads and I often admire the creativity and sheer brilliance that goes into making one. However, there are a few ads that grab my attention and make me question the makers “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!” Well, this is one of them.

Also, this ad can be creepy and funny at the same time. So here it goes. RUPA is a company hailing from India which primarily produces and sells inner wear . It also operates a brand called RUPA TORRIDO that offers thermal wear, specifically designed to protect you during winter. (hahhaha, Bombay and winter?!)


I have one word


So there is a polar bear who can talk and a few mannequins standing here and there wearing RUPA TORRIDO sweaters and thermal shit. And the ad begins with the polar bear saying “Sardiyo se bachne ke liye…” in a very creepy voice. (Translates to “To protect yourself during winter…”



So our HERO polar bear clearly does not know what touching without consent is (rather pinching). LOOK AT THOSE CLAWS!!



He says these words”stretchable itna ki kabhi dheela nahi padta…HMMMMM” Translates to ” It’s so stretchable, it never loosens……HMMMMM” NOTICE WHEN HE SAYS HMMMM. It’s GROSS AF.

I have no words. Except that it reminds me of literally ANY romantic Bollywood movie ever.


Close enough. Just add children there…



Ok so our polar bear is getting super horny. I mean WHAT THE EFF IS THAT?! No words, absolutely no words. Hey polar bear, you clearly don’t understand the concept of boundaries. And hey, isn’t the idea to keep people warm and not let them freeze to death by unzipping their shirts?!






Seriously though, what were you guys thinking?!


butterfly-998316_960_720.jpgA close call

Almost there

Then I’m nothing

I wound up


About things that never happened

Then people say what did we do?

We did nothing

To these things that never happened

I owe you my love

I envy you

Because you never happened

While I was there

Wishing for you to



I have pondered upon this for years. Growing up, our parents asked us to be thankful to God for everything we have. We were force-fed with bitter gourd and turmeric milk while we sat there listening to them rant about homeless people across the street and how they have nothing. This is what I call the “Comparison Method” where you compare your lifestyle with that of the less fortunate and basically be grateful for the life God has “gifted” you and not him/her. What a selfish way to make yourself feel better? Don’t you think?

I mean come on, the guy is already leading a miserable life and you conveniently use his misery to make yourself feel better? Forget charity when you can’t resist destroying the man’s last ounce of dignity ( of him being human) just so you could selfishly quench your thirst to feel better. I say these guys should be paid for rendering this secret service to every passerby on the street. I say thank you homeless people.

As a kid, you might recall liking a toy and nagging your mom to buy it, who unfortunately did not pay any heed to your tantrums. Or those times when you were forced to wear a sweater during winter? Each of these episodes might be followed with your parents rambling about how fortunate you are and to appreciate every little thing you have. They compared us to homeless people who had no clothes to protect them during winter and definitely no toys to play with.

Everyone goes through rough days but homeless people lead a rough LIFE filled with countless difficult days. So how do these guys manage to get through? They have no home, no clothes and barely get any food to eat. Let’s say that if you’re having a rough day, you would go out chilling with your friends, watch a movie or just cook something for yourself. The question is what can homeless people do to feel a little (if not a lot) better about their self? Let’s explore:

A] Go to the beach/park

B] Sleep

C] Spend the money he/she has been saving up to get food

D] Have sex (which means more children since they can’t afford contraceptives) 

E] Sing

F] Exercise

G] Go to places (if possible) like Carter Road, Bandra which usually hosts music concerts that are generally free and open to everyone. So homeless people living there are certainly entertained.

And other things I can’t talk about.

Note that we have no benchmark to compare the lifestyle of homeless people with. You can imagine a homeless kid throwing a fit for a toy he/she desperately wants and their parents just telling them “NO”… and that’s it. No comparisons with the less fortunate because unfortunately they are the less fortunate. They can’t even use school or homework to divert the attention of their kids. What will only work is “Go play with your friends!” or tell them a joke or help them develop hobbies such as bird-watching in the open sky….?

To conclude, I don’t think we need a comparison system to make us feel better. I suggest refraining from comparisons and using the same tactics such as distracting kids with a toy he/she already has(yes fortunately you had more than one) or helping them develop hobbies- something that spells out their individuality and basically use anything that already exists in his/her life only without trespassing onto others’.

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For my 11 million undocumented brothers and sisters who have or continue their battle with depression while undocumented.

As she walked towards the car I could tell something was wrong. I asked her how her day was and tears quickly formed around her beautiful brown eyes. “I think I’m depressed,” she said. She was ashamed. She was tired of explaining why she couldn’t drive at night. “My friends don’t understand that not having a drivers license limits me. If I get pulled over I would be at risk. I’m tired.”

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s 2015 youth high-risk behavior survey released in June, Latina teens have the highest rate of suicide attempts among all adolescent groups in the U.S. 15 percent of Latina teens in the U.S. have attempted suicide. Compared to 9.8 percent and 10.2 percent for white and black female teens. About 26 percent of Latina…

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As human beings, we are hard-wired to complete tasks at the last minute. We love drama and nail-biting finishes. So much so that gender inequality doesn’t matter for now. We’ll get back to it later. That woman you just saw sobbing? She can wait, she isn’t going anywhere. You just stole your colleague’s promotion? It’s fine, she’s getting married anyway.

We delay justice. We pity and forget. We let it go.

So what’s the urgency about? What is it that will change us instantly?

No urgency. Just consequences of not accepting it now. Rapes, domestic violence, workplace discrimination, female foeticide and the list goes on. For now, women are mad at everyone. Their colleagues, bosses, husbands, actors, directors, courts, the khap panchayat and just about everyone. The reasons are obvious.

Now think of a world where gender doesn’t matter and the question of equality doesn’t EXIST and not arise. Something that we hope to achieve in the near future? Would it make a woman mad? Let’s find that out.

Presenting the future of our belief. Gender neutral news.

For a woman

You are out on your own at 4 am. No cheap thrills. Nothing happens.

  • You get equal pay.
  • Nobody forces you to get married.
  • Culture and logic are friends now. No name changes required after marriage. No need to move to your husband’s house. Work it out the way you want.

            Indian Television

  • A man makes breakfast for his wife before she’s off to work. She’s a manager at her company and he is a teacher at a school.
  • The protagonist is wearing what she wants. She’s travelling to work and no one stares at her. She need not be rescued.
  • A woman is 34 and unmarried. She is not frowned upon by society.
  • Family celebrates the birth of a CHILD.

News from around the globe

  • Maria Sharapova wins the fight against unequal pay.
  • Kesha is out of her misery. Courts suspend the contract with her alleged sexual assaulter.
  • Chanda Kochar goes from being the most powerful woman in business to being the most powerful person in business.Anything odd? Or vague? Does it fail to justify the use of “gender neutral” above? It doesn’t.

A woman living in this world would be a woman at peace. She would be safe and feel safe. Her work would speak for itself. Freedom would be handy. Respect would be given and received. Justice would be priority. Power would exchange hands irrespective of gender.
As for our men, they would have no problems whatsoever.

To conclude, women aren’t weak. They aren’t fragile and need not be “handled with care”. They just demand what they deserve and have rights to. Change now and act now. Only then can we take off to our gender neutral world.

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I dig up emotions

I seek far across

That one I cannot spare

The one I feel but has no name

The one that’s famous

I’d like to give you a name

You are clearly not like

Love, lust, anger, sadness

You feel different

You are powerful

You can outrun these little feelings

Leave them behind

Maybe you’re more than a feeling

Maybe you are a bottle of my favorite whiskey

Or a basket of whirling kisses

Enough to me make me wonder

And have me cursing this disgrace of life

Because you come and go

You are not here all the time

I’ll call you my lover

My life.


Equality paana muskhil hai

Kyunki hum bore badi jaldi ho jate hai

Equality is boring. 

Kabhi idhar to kabhi udhar 

Jaise koi bus road pe seedhe chal nai paa rahi ho

Kabhi aurate ik taraf hoti hai toh kabhi men.

Only when there is an equal and opposite reaction will there be balance in this world. 

Isliye filhaal equality paana mushkil hai.